We connect Individuals to their Electronic Medical Records

"MyPortableHealth" is a Quick Response cloud-based identification system utilizing state-of-the-art
technology to provide IMMEDIATE “Portable Health” information via our secure network.

Your detailed medical information is made available anytime, anywhere

Currently, health Information is Limited, Not Well Integrated or Available

There is NO Integrated Healthcare System

Personal Health Information is geographically dispersed & not usually available or accessible during emergencies

"MyPortableHealth" addresses these problems by providing a KEY for doctors, hospitals, specialists, and third party specialists to worldwide access to geographically dispersed electronic medical records for the benefit in the Assessment, Diagnosis, and Care of an individual (ADC).


  • Immediate 24/7/365 access to the "MyPortableHealth" Network
  • Help reduce the time for Assessment, Diagnosis, and Care for an individual
  • Help avoid adverse drug introductions/interactions
  • Links to primary and secondary emergency contacts via phone
  • Potential to reduce overall healthcare costs
  • Save a life
  • Provides Peace of Mind

"MyPortableHealth" supports first responders, doctors, hospitals, and other third party
specialists with access to the following critical information:

  • Medical Information (including: alerts, blood type, medications, allergies and vision)
  • Emergency Contact Information (preprogrammed primary and secondary contacts)
  • GPS Locating (location and tracking – with geo-fencing)
  • Insurance Information (company, policy information, agent contact data)
  • Medical and Insurance Data & Analytics
  • Electronic Health Records (access to geographically dispersed EMR systems)
  • Physician Information (doctors’ contact data)
  • Pertinent PDF Files for EKG, EEG, etc. (stores latest medical files for quick reference)
  • Language Selection (global coverage & access in a country’s native language)
  • Organ Donor Status